Part-time Director for Shenandoah Preschool 

Shenandoah Preschool at Trinity United Methodist Church in Lexington, VA (147 S. Main Street) is seeking a director to manage operations of a half day program, support a loving group of experienced teachers, nurture and encourage families and children in our community. Interested applicants can send a resume to

Job Description:

This part-time position reports directly to the Preschool Committee of Trinity United Methodist Church. The Preschool Committee has a functional reporting relationship with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee of Trinity United Methodist Church.

The primary duty of the Director is to manage preschool operations, in accordance with approved policies and procedures.

Education Requirements:
This position requires the applicant to be a high school graduate with a minimum of 2 years applicable teaching/administration experience. Advanced education in the form of an associate or bachelor’s degree is preferred.

•Arrive at SPS by 8:00 a.m. on instructional days.
•Welcome students into the building each day as they arrive.
•Develop an annual budget reviewed and approved by the Preschool Committee.
•Manage all aspects of the preschool’s finances, including approval of charges, payment of bills, payroll, and taxes.
•Prepare reports, as requested, regarding the financial status of the preschool.
•Prepare yearly audit in accordance with auditor for TUMC.
•Supervise and assist teachers.
•Foster a team approach among staff, encouraging cooperation and collaboration among teachers.
•Work with teachers to develop and utilize age-appropriate curricula.
•Meet regularly with teachers via monthly staff meetings.
•Complete annual performance review of all teachers.
•Act as liaison between teachers, parents, and the Preschool Committee.
•With the guidance of the Preschool Committee, interview and hire teachers when necessary.
•Assist with development and management of student behavior and social/emotional development.
•Meet with parents as requested.
•Prepare and maintain the Shenandoah Preschool Handbook, in agreement with approved policies and procedures. Distribute the handbook to student families prior to the start of the school year.
•Manage and publish the academic calendar and school website.
•Organize and manage the student registration process.
•Market the preschool in the community, social media and website.
•Manage school-wide communications (parent notifications, newsletters & emails).
•Prepare bulk group material order twice/year.
•Assist Afternoon Program teacher as needed.
•In collaboration with teachers, plan and execute fundraising events and family programs.
•Attend quarterly meetings of the Shenandoah Preschool Committee, and when necessary, TUMC Church Council Meetings.

Salary Range: $22,000 - $25,000
25 hours/week  (5 hours/day M-F)
44 weeks/year
Extra Summer Hours as approved @ hourly rate